La Bella San Marzano

La Bella San Marzano is the brand with which we bring Italian goodness in the world.
A wide range of products, chosen to offer the best of the Italian tradition.

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Tomato is one of the most popular products on our tables.
It is the key ingredient to enrich and add flavour to the main typical Italian dishes.

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Ready sauces

Ready sauces are a valid help in the kitchen for preparing quick and delicious dishes.
Simple and genuine sauces, based on fresh and juicy tomato which combined with vegetables and aromatic herbs creates the ideal sauce to flavor a pasta dish in an instant or as a base for numerous recipes of Mediterranean cuisine.
Heat over low heat and pour directly over the pasta, tossing it in the pan.

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Nourishing and tasty, legumes are a precious source of proteins and mineral salts.
Beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas and all the other varieties of legumes available in Italy and around the world allow you to follow a varied and balanced diet.

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Pasta is a food obtained by grinding wheat and is considered the typical Italian product par excellence.
Its history has very ancient origins.


Extra virgin olive oil represents one of the fundamental components of the Mediterranean diet, considered a real model of life to which everyone wants to refer.

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Created to offer you all the best of our products, the Flavors and Colors Box consists
of different types of products branded La Bella San Marzano.
Contact us for more information and create your box.

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